“Flutter Wall” by Dominic Harris in Outlet Mag

by Priveekollektie / Dominic Harris, News, 2015 / 27 January 2016

Dominic Harris
Flutter Wall, 2015
59 1/10 x 51 1/5 x 5 9/10 in
150 x 130 x 15 cm
Edition 8/8+2AP+2P + 0AP
Courtesy of the artist and Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design/The Salon Art + Design.

“British-born artist and architect Dominic Harris likes to get people involved. More often than not, he invites viewers of his work to get hands-on with his electronic pieces, many of which feature interactive elements. Harris describes himself as an interactive artist, and has made works that turn the viewer into an LED snow angel, digital flowers that grow with interaction, and a piece which allows the participant to ‘conduct’ and manipulate the planets.

This piece (above), ‘Flutter Wall’, is another of Harris’ interactive work. Designed to resemble a collector’s (lepidopterist) cabinet, the grid of butterflies on the screen react to touch. Once one of the digital creatures is touched, they are brought back to ‘life’.”

By Erin Stobie, USA, 

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