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The definition of the word ‘covet’ is to yearn to possess or have (something) according to my google search…ah, whatever happened to poor Webster’s Dictionary!  For example, I really covet the dining room table and chairs pictured above that comes from Priveekollektie Contemporary Art/Design. In three words it is simply beautiful and original and fabulous!

Anyway, it has always been one of my favorite words…despite it’s biblical connections (as in the Ten Commandments)…think yearn, want wish for, long for, hunger for.  I think you get the picture.

Well, that was how I found the Salon Art + Design, an exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory on East 67 Street I attended prior to Thanksgiving. So many beautiful things to covet.  So many wonderful things I wished I could afford to have…or at least borrow for a few weeks and enjoy the pleasure one gets out of living with fabulous art pieces.

As an interior designer I have the privilege to encounter exciting pieces of art and studio furniture all of the time.  I am an avid fan of all of the shows and exhibitions in the city that allow me to be au courant with what is going on in the art world. Occasionally, I work with clients that have the budget + desire…one needs to have both elements…to put these treasures in their homes and vicariously obtain great pleasure out of introducing them to an exceptional piece of studio furniture or art.

There were so many things that caught my eye at the show but I decided for brevity’s sake I would just present you a smattering of what I managed to take photos of or what I think made the A-List for me…I’ve already shown you some gems above.  Please realize this is a personal list and in no way degrades the other 1000 items I loved! So here are some more of my favs:

Etc, etc, etc…..!

BTW, if you go on you can see just about everything I saw at the show and follow up with the galleries. My personal recommendation is to  join up, as the web site is well designed and represents a ton of galleries and a terrific way to stay in touch with the ever changing world of art.

Beautiful design is forever…don’t ever forget that.  And, living with beautiful design is all about passion and appreciation of the artistic energy that goes into creating beautiful things.

by Gail Shields-Miller, USA, December 2015

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