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by Priveekollektie / Past exhibitions, Exhibitions, Dominic Harris, News, Year, 2016 / 31 May 2016

This art fair has had a chequered past. Art13 was a fantastic debut but then it grew far too big and Art14 and Art15 missed the mark.

With Art16, organisers have heeded the criticisms and we have a smaller fair with fewer galleries, though still over 100, and the fair definitely benefits from it.

It feels more spacious and easy to navigate. The works themselves are engaging and accessible. Contemplative works may be lacking but they don’t work well in a bustling art fair anyhow.

Art doesn’t have to be dry and academic, it can be fun too. Here at Art16 that is definitely the case. Dominic Harris has produced interactive works of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that respond to the viewer’s movements.

There are bright and bold works everywhere, which grab your attention and you can’t help but like a pair of wings made out of flip flops.

From the perspective of a visitor, it’s a great fair to visit and view some eye catching and engaging art. Especially for anyone new to art who is looking for something refreshing.

Art16 is on at Olympia, Olympia Way W14 8UX until 22 May. Tickets are £15 for adults. Art16 is offering 2 for 1 on tickets, for Londonist readers. Use the promo code ‘LOND241’ to get your discount.

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Londonist is a media partner of Art16, but this review is independent of that partnership.

By Tabish Khan, UK, May 2016

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