Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design in Huffington Post

by Priveekollektie / Dominic Harris, News, 2017 / 8 May 2017

Featuring in the world-renowned fair Art New York 2017, Dominic Harris impressed gallerists, artists and art collectors with his talents and subtle sensation with nature. Discussing his artwork Bloomed, Huffington Post magazine wrote:

“Dominic Harris employs technology to construct personal interpretations of our natural environment, using a highly skilled and innovative format of images that at first may seem like permanent still-lifes, until you get close up and personal. In this salon style installation of various flower bouquets handsomely framed in blackened aluminum, assisted by custom electronics that make the plants gently move, and software that utilize industrial LCD screens as a substitute for canvas, the artist presents an intriguing slant on a traditional still-life subject matter.”

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