Leila Brink and her experience with Priveekollektie

by Priveekollektie / Testimonials, News / 7 April 2020

“It’s hard to encompass in a few words what we are looking for when buying art for our home. There’s never a specific set of criteria, but Priveekollektie always has an interesting set of artist in their portfolio. They are loyal but also offer new artists, new media, new ideas—which requires an open mind, constant research and observation, …it’s never-ending, daring and always-changing and that’s why for us Priveekollektie is so great! Other than being guided by our own intuition, we look for art that has an aesthetic value and whose concept and execution brings something worth paying for. Liveability is obviously very important: Will it stay with us, will we keep it? One of the first works we bought from the gallery was a work by Christiane Richter, a female German photographer. Every day we find it inviting, fresh and interesting to the eye. Another one Priveekollektie‘s artists that we adore is Dominic Harris; a groundbreaking interactive artist who uses lighting and electronics in his designs.The Shimmer artwork is such a magical piece that brings happiness and light into our living room. His earlier work includes the ‘Baby Flutter’; a portrait like piece able to engage the viewer with the butterfly by carefully showing it’s beauty and movement. We couldn’t imagine our living space without it now.”

Leila Brink is the owner of BlueGigi – a company offering antique Moroccan rugs. Each piece in the collection is carefully chosen in search of meaning, history and beauty.