Augmented Reality – A New Medium to Experience Art from Home

by Priveekollektie / Amarist, News / 20 May 2020

Artists and designers Arán Lozano and Clara Campo from Amarist Studio see Augmented Reality (AR) as the way to adapt to the future, as well as the medium to bring Art closer to the general public, allowing everyone to interact with the artworks from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Human interaction and physical contemplation of Art will continue to be important, but the situation we find ourselves in now forces us to find different alternatives to adapt to the new normal of social distancing, where exhibitions have been postponed, museums and galleries are closed, and the future celebration of Art Fairs is in the air.

Digital exhibitions and augmented reality exponentially widens the audience, and in unprecedented times like these technology gives people the opportunity to access culture while remaining at home, offering a close and intimate approach to the artworks and the opportunity to directly see how the real sculptures could look in their homes.Like many other fields that have been disrupted by technology, Augmented Reality has the potential to disrupt the art industry. It opens a new door with infinite possibilities to explore creatively, and moreover now when smart phones have the capacity to open and display AR automatically without the need of any other devices or the installation of additional apps.

Augmented Reality in Times Square, NYC.

‘Fuego Amigo II’ sculpture by Amarist Studio transformed into Augmented Reality.

Arán Lozano and Clara Campo said: “At Amarist Studio we even wanted to go a step further to approach and attract a broader younger generation to Art through the incorporation of our sculptures on Instagram Filters. With this feature every user can incorporate the artworks in their daily Stories, giving them the opportunity to play and interact with the Art at another level. Which for us, as the creators, is also very interesting because you see your audience giving your artwork another meaning and concept, each one from their own perspective.”They continued: “Our goal with this quarantine project is to bring Art closer to the general public and to invite everyone to participate and interact with the artworks. At the same time we investigate how the new technologies will affect the way we make, exhibit and enjoy Art in the near future.”When the conclusion of the global pandemic is still unclear, human are all finding new ways of adapting. Despite challenges and difficulties, the adapting process would be the chance for our artists to grow and flourish.You can download the filter on Amarist Studio Webpage or follow this link below.