Tranquility – a state of mind, by Catharina van de Ven

by Priveekollektie / Catharina van de Ven / 1 October 2020

“It’s not the absence of war, TRANQUILITY is a state of mind, a virtue, to be attained through struggle and exertion. It’s the end of the warriors path, in Latin its called PACE.” – Catharina van de Ven.

Tranquility made its debut at the Opening Group Exhibition in Heusden last September. The tapestry was made by 100% new wool, tufted by tuft expert Karen Zeedijk at Textile Museum in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

In the making
Design and material / working at the museum-tuftlab

Testing colors and positions.

Many colors are in stock here at the TextielLab, extra colors can be dyed on request.


Tufting involves making a pile rug or wall hanging by hand. Tufting machines use pneumatic force to press a U-shaped piece of yarn through a backing fabric. The height of the pile is altered by cutting the yarn shorter or leaving it longer, various needle lengths are used.

The TextielMuseum usually works with wollen yarn (6.2/2 New-Zealand quality) on a light-grey, polyester backing. The design is drawn on the backing here.

With different needles the poles are shot into the canvas. Multiple threads of wool are led into the needle of the tufting gun. The tufting starts in the centre of the tapestry For every specific pole length the needle needs to be replaced. The longest pole in the centre of the tapestry / dome is 4.5 cm.

Finishing the wall carpet by shaping and cutting the wool by hand.

A hand woven name label is made by TextielMuseum for every designer piece made at the Museum.

Finishing the carpet

Fixating the back with white polymere rubber and a layer of jute which will be impregnated with another layer of black rubber. A Velcron strip is mounted on the backside on a wooden bar for easy installation on the wall.

The tapestry is now on view at Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design.

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