Amarist Studio Alabaster series Aqua Fossil on The Forum/ Magazine

by Priveekollektie / Geen categorie / 30 March 2021
“Barcelona-based Amarist Studio celebrates the formal and conceptual qualities of alabaster”

Amarist Studio’s Aqua Fossil series was featured in the How To Make It article written by Wava Carpenter for The Forum/ Magazine. The interview gave a great insight on how to make the collectible design series from the unique material of Alabaster stone and the innovative technique of Amarist.

“Campo and Lozano were childhood friends who met in a small village in the Pyrenees, in an environment enlivened by natural beauty and regional crafts, which left a lasting impression on the duo. They forged their professional partnership around their shared interest in working in the gray area between art and design, where natural materials and artisanal approaches thrive. They began experimenting with alabaster almost from the studio’s inception, attracted to its deep history in the Iberian Peninsula as well as to its unique properties, which arise from the fact that alabaster is composed only of water and calcium sulfate. Campo and Lozano have since developed a range of hands-on processes that exploit alabaster’s innate fluidity, embodied in the studio’s Fuego Amigo and Aqua Fossil collections.”

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