Riccardo Stecca Bassato

Riccardo Stecca Bassato is an interactive media developer and digital artist. He was born in Padua, Italy and graduated in Venice in Computer Science with specialisation in Computer Human Interfaces.

In 2011 Riccardo moved to London to undertake a wider range of challenges and funnel his efforts to master the technologies that enable new experiences, especially those involving multidisciplinary skills like software engineering, graphics, interaction.

He believes in new forms of art in which interaction plays a central role in including the viewer in the scenery, in a shared space and time, be part of it and live it for a moment. “I love seeing information, in its broadest meaning, come alive; be it emotions, facts, concepts or surreal creations.”

“My work as an artist always comes from a moment of observation that triggered my curiosity or particular feelings. When I watch a bee going through its to-do list, I see so much more than an insect. From there I very easily end up pondering the most existential questions. I wish I could talk to this little flying thing and ask it “hey, how’s your weekend?” and then talk about our very different life experiences. Such thoughts unavoidably start mixing with my daily routine, sometimes producing interesting intersections with my scientific activities. I love observing movement and find the math that could get close to reproducing it. I start from a creative process, often with the semi-pleasant feeling of wasting my time and slowly dive into algorithms”


Group Exhibition
Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design
The Netherlands, Heusden aan de Maas