Zavier Wong

Zavier Wong Zhen Rui is a Singapore born maker and thinker based in the Netherlands. The primary role of his practice uses the act of making and creating to understand and discover. By playing with materials and discovering new ways of working with it, he goes on a journey to negotiate with the unknown and uncertain. The results are always one where both material and immaterial dimensions are held together.

His practice always involves a “both/and” way of thinking which naturally leads to outcomes where viewers see paradoxical ideas held in harmony with each other.

“As of now, interior objects has been his medium. It has led me to tinker with a range of mediums and materials. I like to see myself as someone gardening an industrial wilderness. I tend to gravitate towards materials that are seen as imperfect, discarded, unwanted or things that are rejected by industry or seen as useless. Using its perceived weakness as an invitation to transform it.”