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Group Exhibition i.c.w Ron Lang Art

Lin de Mol | Breakerbed | Ron Lang Art | PRIVEEKOLLEKTIE
Lin de Mol | Breakerbed | 2009

April 6th | May 4th

Pelsestraat 13
5256 AT Heusden aan de Maas
The Netherlands

Gallery opening times
during exhibitions
Wednesday-Sunday – 13:00-17:00
or by appointment

The gallery will be exceptionally open on Monday, April 21st and Tuesday, April 22nd.
The gallery will be closed on Saturday, April 26th due to King’s Day celebrations.

Priveekollektie is very happy to collaborate with Ron Lang Art on a group exhibition.
Works by artists Lin de Mol, Kees de Goede and Julia Winter will be presented.

During this exhibition, installations, photographies, works on paper and sculptures are presented, with a complementary yet diverse approach to the artists’ source of inspiration.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to arrange an appointment.

Thukral & Tagra Solo Exhibition

Thukral & Tagra: Solo Exhibition

Priveekollektie is very proud to dedicate a solo exhibition to the Indian artist duo  Thukral & Tagra.
In collaboration with Nature Morte

January 18th – February 23rd

Gallery opening times
by appointment


© Photos courtesy of Nature Morte

Thukral & Tagra | Portrait | PRIVEEKOLLEKTIE | © Courtesy of Nature Morte


“Object / Non-Object”

“Object / Non-Object”: Group exhibition

10 November | 16 December 2013
at Pelsestraat 13, 5256 AT Heusden aan de Maas

Featured artists:
Eduardo Bettega Curial
Carolina Wilcke
Reinier Bosch
Roderick Vos
De Intuïtiefabriek
Studio Thier&VanDaalen
Arnout Meijer Studio

with the participation of
“Château de la Resle”

The Brazilian artist Eduardo Bettega Curial recycles materials from daily life to create autonomous artworks. “I create objects to beautify my environment”. This exhibition plays on the ambiguity surrounding the essence of the works presented by raising questions and an interesting dialogue.

Gallery opening times: Wednesday to Sunday | 13:00-17:00
or by appointment during PAN Amsterdam and Design Miami

PRESS RELEASE | Object/Non-Object exhibition

Château de la Resle | PRIVEEKOLLEKTIE

Château de la Resle | PRIVEEKOLLEKTIE

Object/Non-Object exhibition | PRIVEEKOLLEKTIE

Object/Non-Object exhibition | PRIVEEKOLLEKTIE 


“Celebrating 7 Years”


Invite anniversary group exhibition

“Celebrating 7 Years”: Group Exhibition

26 May | 23 June 2013
at Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design
July-August 2013
at Château de la Resle
(Rue des Buttes, 89230 Montigny-la-Resle, France)

Featured Artists:
Eduardo Bettega Curial
Studio Thier&VanDaalen
RaR (i.c.w. t.e. collection)
Mark Sturkenboom
Viktor Timofeev
De Intuïtiefabriek
Bob Waardenburg
Christien Meindertsma (i.c.w. t.e. collection)


“Colour Porcelain”



“Colour Porcelain”: Group Exhibition in collaboration with t.e. collection
21 April | 19 May 2013
at Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

Featured Artists:
Christiane Richter
Scholen & Baijings (with 1616 Arita Japan)