Amarist Studio consists of Clara Campo and Arán Lozano.

Clara Campo, 1988, grew up in an international environment between Barcelona and the US East Coast where she discovered the most world-renowned museums and her passion for the Arts.

At 18, she decided to pursue her Architecture & Design studies finishing with a comprehensive year in the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, where she immersed herself in the school’s extensive workshop, experimenting with different materials, parametric design tools and digital fabrication processes.

In 2013, Clara graduated with honors from her Masters in Architecture in Barcelona and began her career as an architect in Palo Alto, California, where she designed and built her first house. Inspired by the entrepreneur spirit of Silicon Valley and moved by her creative restlessness Clara decided to pivot her career to co-found Amarist Studio.

Arán Lozano, 1988, grew up in a creative environment surrounded by materials while watching his artisan father work. Since childhood he was given the freedom to play and experiment with different materials and tools in the workshop, which led to the development of his creativity through experimentation, fueling his interest in the creative world.

During his youth he not only lived closely to his father’s work but also had the opportunity to get to know other artisans and artists from different fields such as ceramics, painting, stone or forge. What helped him to generate an important respect and knowledge of crafts and noble materials.

Years later, his background and creative passion led him to become a designer and began his training in additional design methodologies. The experimentation with new technologies, combined with his respect for craftsmanship and materiality, led him to co-found Amarist Studio.

Arán Lozano and Clara Campo met in their fathers’ little hometown in the Pyrinees mountains, surrounded by nature and a craftsmanship environment. As they grew up and matured they started to share concepts and ideas, beginning their creative practice together. Amarist Studio tends to blur the boundaries between Contemporary Art, Design and Craft. Creating works that are both evocative and functional.