Catharina van de Ven: “As an artist I highly admire the classic visual language of the early sculptors. I am fascinated by their artisan idiom and behold the quality of their heritage with great respect. This fascination, and the classic sculpting education I enjoyed in Belgium and Florence, make that the artisan craft is always visible in my work and remains the foundation of all that I create.

Modern techniques, such as 3D printing and synthetics, present new and equally intriguing challenges for me to translate materials into monumental work. Yet, I have found that the old processes of shaping, casting, grinding and polishing are essential to reach perfection and instill authenticity in my sculptures.

As a result, old and new melt into the core of my work which always embodies an unavoidable narrative or suggestive element. For me, every piece of work has to originate from a genuine experience and must have its own sincere identity. A lot of thought, emotion, and progressive insight go into the making of my work which, in the end, is meant to connect with the viewer.”


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