Christiane Richter | Portrait | PRIVEEKOLLEKTIEChristiane Richter (Bielefeld, Germany, 1963) is a unique artist. Her work brings focus on the art of dealing with perception. The questions of the observer’s point of view regarding light, colour and form are central. In Christiane Richter’s art, photography interacts with painting, and within photography, abstract compositions and images interrelate. Christiane Richter works with the possibilities of analogue photography in the digital era.

Christiane Richter’s work was mentioned in New Dawn Paper, when her work was on display at PAN Amsterdam:

‘The first thing you notice are the colourful works by Christiane Richter at the Booth of Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design. Abstract photographs of leaves and flowers in powerful colours. The gallery about Richter’s works: “Christiane works with a relatively simple camera. Yet still she know how to capture the magical transition of light to color. Her poetic way of working is often compared to pictorial art. The works are untitled deliberately, so the viewer is free to interpret’.”