Vincenzo Marsiglia was born in Belvedere Marittimo (CS) in 1972. He studied at Art Institute in Imperia followed by Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, which he graduated with specialization in Painting. He began to exhibit his works during the nineties with solo and group shows at private galleries, museums and public spaces in Italy and abroad. A four-pointed star has become a recurring element of his art, a distinctive “logo” of the artist. The composition of Vincenzo’s works encompasses chaotic movements generating different elements in which this star symbol appears. The artist refers to the masters of Abstraction and Minimalism for rigorous and balanced vision and ideas.

In his latest series of works the artist uses modern – day technology in combination with his characteristic pictorial signs. His works encompass the new sense of contemporaneity linked to modern communication tools that are so familiar to our daily lives. Vincenzo’s desire, however, is not limited to displaying precise technological solutions or tangible objects, but to provide objects that find their completion in the interaction with the viewer.

With the reduction of distance between the viewer and the art pieces, comes an unpredictable and potentially endless amount of changes in the movement.


Vanity Star BN#1 – Interactive Video
Art&Dance interactive in the Stars by Vincenzo Marsiglia, Matteo Galbiati and Denny Lodi at Teatro San Domenico Crema. September 25, 2015