Refined, ergonomic, solid, graceful, sparkling. Sustainable because made in bronze, perhaps the same used for weapons or sculptures in past centuries this precious material is not destroyed but fused and recast countless times. “Alpemare” chair sustainable and eternal, claim and immodesty of those who created it: Barberini&Gunnell.

The idea for the concept of the chair came to the artists during having lunch at the Alpemare,Versilian Coast, Italy. The inspiration came from the lava of a volcano, coming down the mountains (ALPE) and slowly moving into the seawater (MARE).

The initial model was handmade from wood. For each chair the procedure of making earth moulds is repeated requiring days of work and complex anual procedures each chair is a separate fusion. Once obtained by fusion the various parts of the chair are joined by welding. Finally the chair is sanded and finished to obtain a mirrored surface.

Additional information
ARTIST Barberini & Gunnell
DIMENSIONS L26,37" x W23,6" x H39,37" in, L67 x W60 x H100 cm
EDITION 12 + 2 A.P. + 1
MATERIALS Cast bronze, mirror polished
PRICE $ 20,500
YEAR 2019
AVAILABILITY Directly Available