Aqua Fossil wall lights I

AQUA FOSSIL Wall Lights I is a set comprised of 5 unique pieces belonging to the Aqua Fossil series and are created within the same concept.
Amarist Studio’s new wall lights describe a fluid organic composition presenting Alabaster Stone as a liquid element. Reinterpreting the material as a moldable element, returning it to its aqueous origin and revealing it as a treasure emerged from an ancient sea. The result of this work presents a trip to the roots of the geological formation of the Iberian Alabaster, a stone of sedimentary and metamorphic origin, which after the evaporation of a sea millions of years ago, led to the formation of this characteristic white stone with translucent properties. Now, the area occupied by this old sea is a desert in the ‘Ribera del Ebro’ area, where deposits of this mineral are extracted as if they were buried treasures under an old seabed.

Additional information
ARTIST Amarist
SERIES Aqua Fossil
DIMENSIONS 50 x 7 x 120 cm | 20 x 3 x 47 in
EDITION unique within series
MATERIALS Alabaster Stone + Electronics
PRICE set $12.250 | singular $3.250
YEAR 2021