Aqua Fossil Wave

Aqua Fossil Wave transports the viewer to a landscape of unknown nature, revealing the main element of the molecular composition of Alabaster Stone: Water.
In this way, Amarist Studio’s new sculptural light describes a fluid organic composition presenting Alabaster Stone as a liquid element. Reinterpreting the material as a moldable element, returning it to its aqueous origin and revealing it as a treasure emerged from an ancient sea.
The result of this work presents a trip to the roots of the geological formation of the Iberian Alabaster, a stone of sedimentary and metamorphic origin, which after the evaporation of a sea millions of years ago, led to the formation of this characteristic white stone with translucent properties. Now, the area occupied by this old sea is a desert in the ‘Ribera del Ebro’ area, where deposits of this mineral are extracted as if they were buried treasures under an old seabed.
AQUA FOSSIL Wave is a unique piece and the first piece to ever be created with this new innovative technique, conceived as a an Artist’s Proof.

Additional information
ARTIST Amarist
SERIES Aqua Fossil
DIMENSIONS 54cm x 54cm x 40cm / 21.2in x 21.2in x 15.7in
MATERIALS Alabaster Stone + Resins + Concrete + Electronics.
YEAR 2021