Blauw Jan

The 2020 exclusive white bronze edition of Blauw Jan – the lifelike lizard sculptures created by Hans van Houwelingen in 1994.
In Amsterdam’s Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen, forty life-size monitors, agames and iguanas crawl through the grass in between the flowerbeds, or sit motionless among a chaos of bikes and mopeds chained to the perimeter of the small park. The lizards mostly gather around two spots: at the crossing to the Max Euweplein and facing the bridge across the Leidsegracht. They seem to suggest that something is happening at these spots, although they could as well just dash off.
Lizards adapt to their situation. They survive the winter, take on the temperature and colour of their surroundings. Sometimes they lose their tails, but they don’t die because of it. These attributes have made them symbols of eternal life by tradition. They represent both death and resurrection in a constantly changing world. That is the imagination of the Leidseplein: an ever shifting stage for an ever changing play, acted out by ever varying people.

Available in set of 5

Additional information
ARTIST Hans van Houwelingen
SERIES Blauw Jan
DIMENSIONS 103 x 53 x 20.5 cm | 8 × 40.6 × 21 in
EDITION 12 + 2AP + 2P
MATERIALS white bronze
PRICE $10,000
YEAR 2020
AVAILABILITY Directly available