Café 6116 coffee table

Rembrandt van Rijn and Ferdinand Bol have captured Persian carpets in the 17th century portraits of the aristocrats. In the early 20th century, Persian carpets on top of tables emerged in many households. After the early 20th century, those table runners almost completely disappeared. Collection Café 6116 is inspired by this phenomenon. Our pieces contain actual Persian carpets. Every piece is therefore unique.

Atelier Ruben van Megen uses carpets that witnessed the events in the lives of their owners for many years. The ravages of time characterised them and beautified them. Ruben captures the years of memories and secrets by fossilising them. Scars, which remain in sight after processing, are the evidence of a former live.

This design won a Red Dot Award (2017), the Talente Award (2018) and an A’Design Award (2018).

Additional information
ARTIST Ruben van Megen
DIMENSIONS 42,5 x ø90 cm
MATERIALS Persian carpet, epoxy, bronze
PRICE $13,000
YEAR 2016