Dirty Geometry: Cloud is a six-panel folded screen generated using algorithmic computation with random variables.   Between the drawing and the surface lies an infra-thin space perpetually reconstituted; one hue replaces another as the light shifts outside; becoming more intense, now less; as someone has just entered the room; the viewer steps in another direction; a light is turned on and mixes with the warm color; the evening passes and now it’s cooler.  The geometry, it is fixed, like six sides of a dice, but which, when thrown, will never repeat the same sequence by chance.

The artwork was hand made by the artist over sixteen months using various studies of materials, fabrication and construction techniques, computational and printing technologies, and numerous studies of incandescent and natural light.

Additional information
ARTIST Peter Macapia
DIMENSIONS 366 x 244 x 3,8 cm | 144 × 96 × 1 in
MATERIALS Aluminum, Archival ink, Cotton, Wood frame
PRICE $50,000
YEAR 2019
AVAILABILITY Directly Available