Surreal, alluring, unattainable; just a few ways to describe the world’s deserts. Their charm and complexity are one of the planets truly unique natural creations.

Dominic Harris has taken his characteristic play on reality, depicting scenes that at first might appear to be windows into the truly remarkable eco-systems, wildlife and natural occurrences within the desert.

Interaction is central to this artwork, and with the touch or movement of the viewer, the elements within the landscape respond and interact – from the smallest creatures to the largest weather systems. Through exploration of the artwork the viewer will become drawn into Harris’ romanticized surrealness, interrogating what lies below the seemingly pictorial study of these fascinating landscape.

‘Deserted’ focuses on three very different deserts in North America: Joshua Tree National Park, Monument Valley and White Sands. Each desert has a different physical appearance from each other, and hidden beauties to explore. A fourth bonus scene shall take the form of a lunar landscape.

Additional information
ARTIST Dominic Harris
DIMENSIONS 149 x 85 x 19 cm | 58 2/3 x 33 1/2 x 7 1/2 in, 65" Screen
EDITION 8 + 2 AP + 2 P
MATERIALS 3D Camera, 4K Touch Display, Bespoke Electronics and Software, Blackened Aluminium
PRICE $ 250,000
YEAR 2016