Disney’s first full-length animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remains one of the most iconic Walt Disney films, and for its time, the most innovative feature length animation. It has been brought back to life as the inspiration behind Dominic Harris’ new artwork. This new work displays these characters in an impressive technologically advanced interactive art object that can be enjoyed by all.


The youngest dwarf, Dopey is innocence personified. Always tripping over his sleeves and trailing behind the others, Dopey communicates with sign language, ear wiggling and cheerful nods. The world’s a playground to Dopey, who embodies childhood’s joyfulness, and only the loss of Snow White can make him lose his lopsided grin.


Dopey is constantly moving and finds it hard to stay still. He jumps and bounces around even when alone. Often waiting for the next viewer to come over and play with him. Enjoying the attention of those that pass by, Dopey puts on his usual comical performance for the crowd; fooling about and pulling poses for his audience. Moments of heightened excitement are shown through his manic waving of both hands.