Een lepel herinneringen

These fragile artworks have been inspired by my previous experiments in Japan, playing with origami, creating relief works solely with paper. Since then I’ve been creating these artworks, incorporating books and their story, into my own point of view in art. These books have lived their own live before I found them, and will live on in my artworks. The beauty of ageing and discoloration is part of its lifespan, and will keep developing forever. This series displayed here at Priveekollektie, shows love in all its facets, named after the book incorporated in the work. The pages have been handled one by one: printed, folded and assembled by hand.

Additional information
ARTIST Anne Stijnen
DIMENSIONS 102 x 102 cm | 40 x 40 in
MATERIALS Screen print paper
PRICE $4140
YEAR 2021
AVAILABILITY Direct available