Elisa Azul, Territorio de Ternura

Elisa Azul belongs to the TERRITORIO DE TERNURA collection which means TERRITORY OF TENDERNESS. In them, Salustiano, compiles all the concepts that make his painting something genuine and personal within contemporary art. This is;  beauty, serenity and spirituality. The raw material with which the artist works. He also uses in these two works another element that he likes; symmetry.  Axial symmetry has a powerful tradition in Western culture. Symmetry gives us calm, produces in the viewer a suggestion of order that links with the search for beauty in art and nature since the beginning of time.

Additional information
ARTIST Salustiano
SERIES Territorio de Ternura
DIMENSIONS 32.3 × 30.7 in / 82 x 78 cm
MATERIALS Hahnemühle paper
PRICE Contact for price
YEAR 2018