Four States | 84″

Four States is an interactive artwork conceived as a representation of our dynamic relationship with the elemental states of matter. It is a variation to the previous edition of Four States Triptych but this time realised on a life-size screen as an ultra 4K resolution.


Using a mixture of high-end particle physics processing and monochrome time-lapse video the artwork explores the sensory experience of disturbing a natural state of balance.


The artwork is inspired by Man Ray photograms and scientific simulations of bio-geochemical cycles and speculates on the supervenience of systems on different scales. As a triptych, three phase states of water are depicted in pinpoint quality, and optical behaviours coalescing with motions pertaining to state.


The artwork recalls Harris’ fascination with early exploration into light-based medias and their growth as tools for scientific imaging, and the playful exploration of its potentials through artistic medias in contemporary art. The relationship between the understanding of complex phenomena and the desire to comprehend their traits often rely on representational medias to embody their meaning, thereby creating a separate sensorial experience.