¡Fuego Amigo!” is a sculptural lamp made of Alabaster stone, a delicate and translucent mineral extracted from quarries located near Amarist‘s studio. The artwork represents from the beginning a great contradiction in itself. Amarist intends to change the meaning of an object as raw as a projectile into a source of Light.

The process of making this piece is also an extraordinary challenge in itself. The designers have acquired a real mortar shell from the last century to study all the details and reproduce them accurately in stone. Thereby ‘¡Fuego Amigo!’ presents a stone projectile that is totally translucent, without any opaque element, so the whole body of the shape is able to light up showing the natural beauty of the mineral and its veins. To complete the artwork Amarist designers have created a series of lighting effects to enhance the experience of the creation, programming an explosion of light that ends up blurring in a symphony of colors until finally shading out.

See the work in your house with Augmented Reality.

Additional information
ARTIST Amarist
SERIES ¡Fuego Amigo!
DIMENSIONS 21 3/10 x ø 4 in, 54 x ø 10 cm
EDITION 7 | set of 3
MATERIALS Alabaster stone, Electronics
PRICE $27,500
YEAR 2018
AVAILABILITY Directly Available