“Imperfection leads to transformation, slowly forms, shines and silently begins to live. What was created was the first spirit and idea of man who is now reflected on his polished steel, the dark monster that, observing it, will see the reflection of his evil soul.” – Francesco Barberini and Nina Alexandra Gunnell.

This sculptural chaise longue uses mirror polished stainless steel, material which the architect and design duo describe as, “amorphous, devoid of soul, emotion, and life taking on the shape from an ancient legend.” As a mass of shapeless steel, at first Golem may appear still, docile, or dormant, but its raw powerful existence quickly transforms into a loud, disquieting monster.

Additional information
ARTIST Barberini & Gunnell
DIMENSIONS 202 x 107 x 77 cm, 79.5 × 42.1 × 30.3 in
EDITION 6 + 2 AP + 1 P
MATERIALS Stainless Steel
PRICE $ 100,000
YEAR 2017
PROOF OF AUTHENTICITY Directly available