Disney’s first full-length animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remains one of the most iconic Walt Disney films, and for its time, the most innovative feature length animation. It has been brought back to life as the inspiration behind Dominic Harris’ new artwork. This new work displays these characters in an impressive technologically advanced interactive art object that can be enjoyed by all.


A cockeyed pessimist, Grumpy would say he’s just realistic — especially about “wimmin!” The other Dwarfs and Snow White ignore his negative attitude, sensing that there’s warmth beneath his crust exterior. Though he does his best to hide his affection, even Grumpy is soon captivated by Snow White’s charm.


He remains annoyed at having to stand and pose, often turning his back away from the viewer then folding his arms and refusing to play along. In response to a continued and persistent viewer, Grumpy will stick out his tongue and move away. Contrary to the other dwarfs, he is reluctant to imitate and will only pretend to engage in interaction.