Hummingbird is an artwork by Dominic Harris through which his obsession with depicting nature through innovative interactive portrayals has resulted in a complex artwork that is striking for its visual simplicity and crisp elegance. The hummingbird is one of the nimble and agile small birds and is known for the fashion in which it seeks outs nectar from plants whilst hovering. In Hummingbird the flight of this fantastic bird is controlled interactively by the movement of the viewer in front of the artwork.


Similar to a Shoji Japanese rice paper screen, whereby a continuously evolving and animated shadow play is visible. Within these shadows a constantly evolving scenery of plants and trees are visible, with the hummingbird darting between various hovering points. The movement of the hummingbird is influenced by the viewer before it. However, in an unexpected twist from a traditional shadow screen, the depth of field in the shadows slides forward and backward, itself tracking the movement of the hummingbird. This provides a mesmerizing yet subtle depth to the two dimensional digital painting.