Perfection is a construct informed by the patterns and mathematics of the natural world. Technology strives towards that perfection, emulating its symmetry and impossible beauty. We use that technology to manicure and refashion our environments, and when technology falters imperfections become reabsorbed into our concept of perfection.

The making was part of a material experimentation process researching how microstructures in sur-faces influence light reflection and refraction. My attention was drawn to the microstructural surface of feathers. By sculpting the layers of sublayers this work imitates the patterns from the research. Each line and reflection of light is in this sculpture different. The result is a sculpture that exists in different modes of scale and share similar light characteristics with real feathers.

Using CNC(Computer Numeric Control) software, Johan exploits the glitches which occur in the translation from digital coding to material in the manufacturing process. By systemizing splintered acrylic glass, Impossible Beauty re-incorporates mistakes into our under- standing of the natural. Existing on the threshold between broken and not and moving between digital and analogue languages, the work positions itself into the unending transaction between the natural and the manmade.

Additional information
ARTIST Johan Buskov Romme
DIMENSIONS 190x70x20 cm
MATERIALS UV Acrylic, sand blasted metal
YEAR 2019