Indian Peafowl

Pavo cristatus


“Ruffled” is a recent interactive artwork in which “living” portraits of birds are reinvented by using technology. Each “Ruffled” has been designed with its own particular mannerisms and beauty. Some birds are very expressive, while others tend to have a mora subtle behaviour.


An emblem of integrity, beauty, luck, immortality and nobility, the spectacular appearance and behaviour of the male Indian peafowl, or “peacock” as it is commonly known, has enchanted observers for centuries.


Painted in the most magnificent array of vibrant hues, he is more colourful than his female counterpart (“peahen”), and is characterised by his iridescent blue head and striking long ‘train’ of rear tail feathers, each painted with distinctive eyespots. Often spanning 7 feet in width and standing 3 feet in height when fanned out on display, the peacock uses said impressive tail to bewitch potential mates and intimidate younger peafowl.


Symbolising omniscience, wisdom and watchfulness, the peacock is a poignant totem in various cultures and mythologies, with many believing his tail holds the “eyes” of the stars.