Mickey and Minnie

Playful, charming, cheeky; three words which perfectly capture the essence of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. These same attributes serve as the foundation upon which Dominic Harris’ own witty reinterpretation of the iconic duo is developed.


Harris pays homage to these two famous Disney characters by reinterpreting them through interactive means. Whilst maintaining the greatest fidelity to their heritage, he simultaneously imposes his own modern narrative of jealously, admiration and self-awareness – attributes he views as references to the social media connected society about us.


The artwork explores an ever-evolving love story between the two protagonists, a romance that has spanned 90 years. Synonymous with Harris’ artworks, the role of the viewer is challenged – with the viewer becoming the antagonist within the scenes. To the frustration of Mickey and Minnie, the viewer acts as a distraction, interrupting their love story by stealing the attention. Ultimately, said viewer becomes the third subject within these living portraitures.