Made from exactly 1000 exploded party poppers collected on 01.01.00  the morning after the Millennium celebrations in London. On this morning the Southbank was littered with champagne bottles and flowered with colourful plastic party popper containers. These items had all been exploded at the same special moment  in order to welcome the Millennium with an explosion of confetti. These fragments or relics have an historic significance that I wanted to preserve and celebrate. The original Millennium chandelier is an archive of 1000 explosions from this global celebration.

This prototype piece is unique due to this special narrative, but the Millennium is recreated using new party poppers. When the body of the chandelier is touched by a breeze the work takes on an organic form which sways until it reforms to create its original diamond shape.

Additional information
ARTIST Stuart Haygarth
DIMENSIONS 80 x 80 cm | 31.5 x 31.5 in
MATERIALS 1000 exploded coloured, monofilament line, painted MDF ceiling platform & 60w incandescent light bulb
PRICE $19,000
YEAR 2005