Inspired by a previous kitchen commission for the French bed and breakfast Château de la Resle, “Montigny” is an imposing and playful dresser with a subtle equilibrium. The warmth of the steamed oak wood perfectly complements the raw aspect of the powder-coated steel structure.

Roderick Vos designed Montigny “straight from the heart”. It’s a true technical feat, as placing the many drawers and storage areas in a harmonious way was a tough balance act. However, the stunning result makes the different blocks look like they are floating. Roderick Vos knew he reached the subtle equilibrium in the design of the piece when adding or removing a block would break its overall harmony.

Additional information
ARTIST Roderick Vos
DIMENSIONS 236 × 110 × 64 cm | 93 × 43 × 25 in
EDITION 8 + 1P + 2AP
MATERIALS Smoked oak wood, powder-coated steel
PRICE $40,000-$45,000
YEAR 2013
AVAILABILITY Directly Available