Writing table made of extra-clear glass. Barberini and Gunnell used finest glass from Scotland. The glass is cut via a special CNC procedure, the edges must be completely smooth otherwise they cannot be glued one to another.The gluing is structural and is fixed with UV light. It is done a 100% by hand. Every edge of the table is cut at a different angle, this allows a great game of reflections when the light hits the table.

Additional information
ARTIST Barberini & Gunnell
DIMENSIONS L127 x W51 x H75 cm | 47 1/5 × 19 7/10 × 29 1/2 in
EDITION 35 + 2 A.P. + 1p
MATERIALS Extra-clear glass
PRICE $15,000
YEAR 2018
PROOF OF AUTHENTICITY Directly available