Pollution Series Barrel

In a world where organic materials are becoming increasingly popular for the manufacturing of objects in design and art, Johnny Welcome and Scott Elt attempt to contradict the mentality towards this seemingly dominating contemporary design pillar. Non-recyclable and non-renewable materials are being forced to make way for more natural materials, neglecting the fact that many of these synthetic materials are also responsible for keeping our living environment safe. This object of our collaboration is an embodiment of our doubts to this negative connotation weighing behind the use of long-lasting materials.

The barrel from our Pollution Series is an example of our opinion on creating a well-built and sustainable object with the use of non-recyclable materials. It raises the question of whether these “non-durable” materials are still harmful to the environment when they are applied into a durable product, outlasting products that are (or could be) made out of any other material. The object itself, mainly made out of non-reusable plastics, depicts a sunken barrel which leaks its radioactive waste into the exposed and already vulnerable outside world; a classic illustration of the worst kind of pollution.

Additional information
ARTISTS Scott Elt, Johnny Welcome
DIMENSIONS 98 x 86 x 80 cm
EDITION Prototype
MATERIALS Epoxy resin, steel, brass, epoxy coating, PLA, vinyl, LDPE, paper, LED’s wiring
PRICE $6500
YEAR 2021