My Precious Love

Miffy is a character of many popular picture books created in 1955 by Dick Bruna, a Dutch artist and illustrator. The title of this Miffy statue is “Mijn prachtige liefde” (“My Precious Darling”). The title is also written in Japanese on the back of the statue. ‘In the 1980s I lived on Kromme Nieuwegracht in Utrecht. Every morning I saw a man with a moustache cycling to his studio opposite my house. I always used to say, ‘Good morning Mr Moustache!’ At a certain point he smiled and said, ‘My name is Dick.’ During that period I was studying at the art academy and collected free paper from a printing workshop beneath his studio. He always came to say hello. It is a real privilege for me to be able to pay tribute to Dick Bruna and his oeuvre and to express deep appreciation of Miffy.’

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