Puddle Blue

Blue Puddle side table is a part of The Melting Series, a family of design objects that seem to melt. The objects are made as one piece, finished with the composition of marble powder and polyester. Important in this process is the fluidity of the material and the love that is poured into the piece by both craftsmen and designer.
Reinier Bosch shows a very dynamic approach to his designs: he likes to stop and capture moments that usually unravel in time. Even if the pieces are static, they give an impression of movement: someone who looks at the ‘The Melting Series’ can easily picture liquid flowing.
Reinier Bosch says, “During a travel in Tibet, I saw a man spray-painting boxes red outdoors. Due to this, thesurrounding was also coloured with red, whereby the object and its surrounding were fused.” Both the object and the floor underneath it are coloured as if a pot of paint poured over them, integrating the surroundings into the actual piece. That idea of object and background becoming one, is the starting point for ‘The Melting Series’; a shape that seems to melt.

Additional information
ARTIST Reinier Bosch
SERIES The Melting Series
DIMENSIONS 42 × 65 × 130 cm | 16.5 × 26 × 51 in
MATERIALS Aluminum, marble powder & polyester coat
PRICE $11,250
AVAILABILITY Directly Available