Dominus Aeris Circa 1

Dominus Aeris Circa 1

With their latest group of works, Thukral & Tagra explore the bizarre mix of sentimentality, nostalgia and cliched futurisms that is epitomized by the rising Indian middle class and especially in the burgeoning new city of Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi where the artists live and work. Gurgaon, a rising hub of manufacturing and information technology, is also a sprawling residential community characterized by faux-classical mansions, towering apartment blocks decked out like colonial bungalows, mega-malls dominated by globalized food courts, and steel and glass behemoths connected by dirt roads.

Thukral & Tagra’s frenetic mixture of high and low styles in paintings, sculptures and decorative accoutrements is an apt response to this bewildering and perverse urban reality typifying the “new India.”

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