Pill Aesculapius

Pill Aesculapius

Luxuria is a series of projects that reflect our desires. The title, Luxuria, is defined in ancient Latin as lust, representing our longing and desire for sex, power, money, objects or food. Distinct from basic human needs, it propels a potent hunger, taking any shape or form, demanding fulfillment.

Lust, however, is regarded as one of the seven deadly sins. The adverse of virtue, lust is thought to implicate adultery, greed, and the like. Why is this? After all, without lust, life would be absent of pleasure. Where does one draw the line between the two? Each one of us are faced with lust in our daily life. On which side you place Luxuria: Sin or Virtue?

In her work, the colours and shapes she uses aim to lure and seduce the beholder. They draw one’s attention and confront each viewer with their own faced desires. Colour and shape, like lust, possess a deep power of attraction. Using the visual of the dome consistently throughout the works, the ancient abstract shape appeals to human nature and the basic need for caressing and tenderness.

Luxuria can be found in sweet lips, blue skies, green fields, or warm yellow sunshine. It is found in the glow of happiness from the pure white of snow to the absence of sorrow, quiet joy, or outrageous ecstasy.

Luxuria can be anything and everywhere.




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