Simulated (10)

Simulated (10)

SIMULATED is an artwork that plays on the technological nostalgia of Nixie tubes; cold-cathode gas-discharge alphanumerical and symbol indicator tubes which were a common form of display for electronic equipment from mid-1950’s through to the early 1970’s.

Capturing the Nixie tubes’ hypnotic amber glow and antique charm, Dominic Harris’ fascination with digitisation is perfectly exhibited within the artwork. In a superb amalgamation of modern and old-world technology, Harris enables viewers to control the piece with their movements, with the subsequent interaction causing the Nixie tubes to create words only using the letters

Generating up to almost 1000 word combinations, the produced text is stimulating, amusing, pop culturally relevant and cheeky, therefore achieving Harris’ goal of provoking thought and conversation.


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