Zahara Con Collar de Perlas

Zahara Con Collar de Perlas

Spanish artist Salustiano develops pictorial work, meant to be a homage to the great masters of the Renaissance, depicting the human body from a hyperrealistic perspective. The artist takes away any background to focus entirely on the subject represented in the work. He highlights the person’s face in particular in search of revealing their true nature and soul.

AND THE EARTH WILL EXTEND TO INFINITY, AS BEFORE GALILEO’ recalls our childhood, when the world revealed upon us as mysterious, magical and supernatural as poetry. Before any major geographical and scientific breakthrough, humans saw the world through the eyes of a child: astonished eyes. Before the days of Galileo, humans used fantasy to explain what they could not understand and created myths to explain everything, from the naïve and poetic view of a child. This is the purpose of Salustiano’s series of paintings: an invitation to contemplate life, even if only for a moment, through the innocent eyes of a child.

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