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by Priveekollektie / News, Year, 2016 / 3 June 2016



SWITCHING CAREERS for the love of art

Many antique and art delays learned the trade from parents and grandparents as they grew up and continue to build on the existing collection and clientele. Often the tradition exists as long as four to six generations -as in the families Aardewerk, Aronson and Douwes. But there are also surprising newcomers, arriving from totally different roads. Driven by the love of art they quit their job to pioneer in the art market. An introduction to some of these ambitious daredevils.

PRIVEEKOLLEKTIE – Heusden – The Netherlands

Based in the fortified town of Heusden the Priveekollektie gallery since 2006 participates in various leading fairs including PAD London/Paris  and Design Miami/Basel. Before this Miriam van Dijk worked as an online specialist. For the love of art the idea was born to start a gallery of contemporary art. A bold career switch, in which husband Irving-trader in the financial sector came along. He has a special affinity for interior and design. It eventually became a gallery to house the collection of contemporary art and design pieces in limited edition, disciplines that increasingly flow into one another. Miriam : “Our name Priveekollektie originated from the idea that we offer collectors what we want to see ourselves.”

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