Aqua Fossil Mirror II

Experience the captivating Aqua Fossil Mirror II from Amarist Studio’s renowned Aqua Fossil series. This sculptural masterpiece transports you to an unknown landscape, unveiling the essence of Alabaster Stone: Water. The mirror’s fluid and organic composition presents Alabaster Stone as a fossilized liquid element, harking back to its aqueous origins and revealing a treasure emerged from an ancient sea. Journey to the roots of Iberian Alabaster’s geological formation, where a long-lost sea evaporated millions of years ago, giving birth to the characteristic white stone with translucent properties. The mirrors, with their organic shape, symbolize water’s transition from liquid to fossilized state with a single droplet. Discover the captivating Aqua Fossil Mirror II, part of the Aqua Fossil series by Amarist.

Additional information
ARTIST Amarist
SERIES Aqua Fossil, Amarist
DIMENSIONS Height: 120cm, Length: 60cm, Width: 9cm, Weight: 38kg Height: 105cm, Length: 60cm, Width: 9cm, Weight: 23kg
EDITION Unique within series
MATERIALS Alabaster Stone, Resins, Mirror, Wood
PRICE $ 17500
YEAR 2023