Golden Project

In her work Catharina has always been triggered by the concepts of Power and Strength. To her, Power is a force that can only thrive in co-existence with other beings, whereas Strength is foremost an inner quality of the individual, a capital virtue.


For a long time she associated Power exclusively with the male and Strength solely with the female, a distinction that was always visible in Catharina’s work. As her insights evolved with the years, she realized matters are less black and white; human beings universally encompass both qualities.


Although the intense and attractive force of Power visually dominates the world’s stage, it must be balanced with Strength for it to lead to an effective and positive life, regardless of specific male or female elements. This desired harmony paves the way for a beauty that appeals to Power and Strength, male and female. Without distinction.


Golden Project, fearlessly and expressively shows this approach: Power, Strength and Beauty are in the eye of the beholder.


The Golden Project is a series of iconic handguns; translated and sublimated into desirable sculptures. This project consists of a series of 9 individual pieces.

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