Ink Writer Black

From glossy to black.

“Black patin reminds me of the forests with black lakes in Groningen where I used to walk as a child with my grandmother. In those black lakes, nature reflected in a whole new way. This has a deep warm feeling in which the environment is reflected and creates a new reality.

I sometimes wonder how it is possible that you can see all that in a reflection. With the curved shapes of my Melting series you see even more of your surroundings that you would not see otherwise” – Reinier Bosch.

Ink Writer table lamp is a part of The Melting Series – Black Patina, a family of bronze design objects that seem to melt. The process is as fluid as the melting of the bronze in the foundry where the piece is made. Models are made of wax, which are then casted in bronze. The objects are made as one piece, finished highly polished with black patina. Important in this process is the fluidity of the material and the love that is poured into the piece by both craftsmen and designer.

Additional information
ARTIST Reinier Bosch
SERIES The Melting Series
DIMENSIONS 34 x 20 x 43 cm, 13.5 x 8 x 17 in
EDITION 8 + 2AP + 1P
MATERIALS Cast Bronze, Black Patina
PRICE $14000
YEAR 2020