David Dessens

David Dessens (1980, Perpignan, France) is an artist who uses digital means of generative art to express his fascination with the beauty of nature. Dessens works with mathematical algorithms and patterns found in the natural world surrounding us.

He studied art at high school. It was the time Dessens started doing his kinetic metal sculptures inspired by the experimental Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely. After graduating from high school, he went to the Art School of Perpignan for several months.

Having been disappointed by the shortcomings of education there, he dropped out the school and continued his relentless pursuit of beauty, proportion, perfection and innovation on his own.

After his years in metal sculpture, he realised the importance of digital technologies and the new opportunities they bring. It was the time that he explored generative art while performing as a visual artist in musical events and festivals across Europe. At that time he began to be known as Sanch in the generative art world, a nickname that refers to his Catalan roots. By using digital methods, he also created laser-cut paper sculptures exhibited in LoveByte Digital Festival, received great public attention and appreciation.   

As an inspiring artist, Dessens was invited to several art schools and digital festivals such as the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm and HyperWerk (Institute for Postindustrial Design) in Switzerland to give talks in the workshops on generative art. Some of his artworks have also appeared as featuring works in several bestseller generative design books such as ‘Generative Gestaltung’ and ‘Form+Code.’

Fascinated by nature and inspired by modern and classical art, Dessens continues to create captivating pieces in generative art.


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