Eternity Pond

Inspired by the great French impressionist painter Claude Monet and his Nymphéas series, David Dessens created the Eternity Pond, the vibrant landscape of a water lily pond in eternal motion thanks to a fluid dolly movement. Following the impressionist movement’s primary philosophy that art is nothing but impressions, Dessens presents a cross-section of the impressions that nature has left in him and expresses his adoration before nature.

The Eternity Pond is an outstanding generative artwork in which programming and algorithms are used as artistic tools for the creation of every element and pattern. Therefore, every time, a randomly and slightly changing composition of the scene, a vivid water lily pond depicting life above and below the water, awaits us. This also echoes Monet who once said: “For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment.”

The Eternity Pond invites us to a lively and moving landscape that contains the water lilies and leaves floating on the water, butterfly koi fishes swimming in the water, frogs jumping from one leaf to the other and a dragonfly passing over the pond. While several water lilies occasionally open their petals, each koi fish appears with unique patterns on them. With the Eternity Pond, Dessens promises us a mesmerising, unique and vivid experience accompanied by the viewer initiated interactions.

Additional information
ARTIST David Dessens
DIMENSIONS 65" / 85" In portrait/landscape
EDITION 8 + 2AP + 2P
MATERIALS Screen, Software, Hardware
PRICE Contact for price
YEAR 2021