Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a tribute to the highly influential French painter Henri Rousseau’s surreal masterpiece The Dream. Similar to Rousseau who once claimed he had ‘no teacher other than nature,’ Dessens pursues his fascination with Dame Nature and creates a desolate exotic scene, a hidden treasure with a vibrant palette in Secret Garden. All its components stand out to show the harmony, simplicity and beauty hidden in nature. Secret Garden is a story of spectacular and lively wildlife composed of different species, birds, butterflies, and various types of plants whose leaves constantly swing in the wind. It is a call to hear the songs of mother nature accompanied by the wingbeats of the birds and the whispers of the plants.

Additional information
ARTIST David Dessens
DIMENSIONS 85" / 65" In
EDITION 8 +2ap + 2p
MATERIALS Screen, Software, Hardware
PRICE Contact for price
YEAR 2023